Coding For Kids

We offer Online 1:1 And Group coding classes for kids 

Ages 6-14


Scratch Programming

Scratch Programming For Beginners

The block-based programming for kids is an ideal for an absolute beginner with the passion of learning coding/programing.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Block-based programming language
  • Scratch Programming
  • Make games, i.e. PacMan and Mario in Scratch programming
  • Algorithms, pseudo code, loops, conditional statements, variables, operators etc.
  • Mathematics, i.e. shapes, measurements etc.
  • Artwork to help students to boost their creativity and esthetic sense

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “Scratch Programming Advance Level”

Scratch Programming Advance Level

In this course we have included the advance topics of coding as well as complex game development topics for kids.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Expert in Scratch programming
  • Complex game development, i.e. Fruit Ninja
  • Concepts of coding, i.e. algorithms, flowchart, nested loops, nested conditional statements, variables, operators etc.
  • Mathematics in real life, i.e. geometry, measurements etc.
  • Artwork to help students to boost their creativity and esthetic sense

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “Android App Development for Kids”

MIT App Inventor

Android App Development for Kids

The course is specially designed for kids to teach them the basic concepts of android app development in MIT App Inventor. The course focuses on letting the kids know more about the available tool for android app development, their benefits and how kids can use MIT App Inventor to develop their own useful android apps.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Android App Development
  • Developing Android Apps in MIT App Inventor
  • Mathematical formulas in android app development
  • Artwork for UI of android app, to help students to boost their creativity and esthetic sense

Next Course:
Students will be able to take our next course “WordPress for Beginners”


WordPress for Beginners

WordPress is one of the best tool for website development and blogging. Digital portfolio plays an important role for kids while applying for scholarships or for jobs. The course will help the kids to grow professionally by showing their projects on personal website to the world.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Website development in WordPress
  • Understanding about hosting and domain
  • Students’ Personal portfolio
  • Artwork for UI of website to help students to boost their creativity and esthetic sense

Next Course:

Students will be able to take our next course “WordPress for Intermediate”

WordPress for Intermediate

The course is specially designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about WordPress and more specially want to learn How to Develop E-commerce store in WordPress. Following are the key skills the students will be able to learn after the course,

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Developing e-commerce store in WordPress
  • Buying hosting and domain
  • Graphics designing and video editing 
  • Video/picture editing for e-commerce store to help students to boost their creativity and esthetic sense

Next Course:

Students will be able to take our next course “Python Programming

Python Programming

Python for kids

Python for kids is the initial course for the kids who are passionate about learning Artificial Intelligence and want to work on AI in future. The series of more courses in Python will be announced soon.

 Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding of Python
  • Concepts of programming, i.e. loops, conditional statements, variables, functions, flowcharts etc.
  • Making graphics user interface in Python as well as making artwork using Python

Next Course:

Students will be able to take our next course “Computer Vision in Python


EDVON offers unique coding for kids’ curriculum for kids ages 7-18. The series of coding courses are specially designed to teach the fundamentals concepts of programming languages in a fun and interactive way from our talented live coding tutors. The coding for kid’s program starts from absolute beginners to advance concepts of programming languages. 

Our coding course for beginners start from Scratch Programming to teach the basics of coding, logical thinking and problem solving skills to the kids. The beginners coding course is based on block-based programing to make coding easy and engaging for the kids. Since, the kids love to play games that’s why in the beginner course we teach the Game Development on Scratch Programming to make the over all learning experience fun for kids.

The coding for kids advance level courses also include website development in WordPress, Android App Development in MIT App Inventor, Software Development and Computer Vision in Python Programming, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Our complete Computer Science Curriculum is ideal for following enthusiasts,

1- Parents/Homeschoolers: Homeschooling parents who are looking for best coding for kid’s online courses

2- Hobbyist: Parents who want coding as an extracurricular activity for kids

3- School Owners: Schools who want to make Coding a part of school’s curriculum 

Benefits of Coding for Kids:

Coding or programming is the skill that every kids should learn, not only because it will help them to earn a lot of money but mainly for the holistic personality development of the kids. There is no doubt that coding is playing an important role in the rapid development of technology all over the world and currently one of the most demanding and highly paid skill all over the world. We will be discussing how learning coding can benefit your kids and help them grow in their life,

Coding Teaches Problem Solving Skills

 It does not matter how much percentage or CGPA your kids are getting, if they do not have problem solving skills because in real life your kids will be facing many problems and at that time their percentage cannot help them. In really life their problem solving skills will take them out of any situation. Coding teaches problem solving skills to the kids and teaches them how to break bigger problem into smallest one to easily solve any problem. While coding students need to fully understand the situation and make step by step algorithms to achieve the results. This step by step approach to make the complex algorithms in the coding is actually the key, that help make your kids problem solver. 

Coding Teaches Confidence

The only way to learn coding is doing a lot of practice. Traditional way education does not allow our kids to explore new ways of doing the same thing that’s why most of the time our kids are not that much confidence because they do get the chance to explore something new, make mistake and try again to achieve their goals. Coding helps the kids to be confident because while coding kids have the luxury to explore new ways of doing the same thing and that gives the confidence to our kids that they can do new things, make mistake and eventually get the results. The feeling of completing the new tasks is more than enough for our kids to be confident and take their own decisions.

Coding Teaches Perseverance

Coding is not something that can be done in a single try, most of the time we have to make different logics or algorithms to make things work while coding. Sometime it takes days or week to debug the errors in the code to make the desired logics works. In coding perseverance is the key if we want to achieve the desired results, otherwise all the process of debugging, correcting errors and making new logics, will be really frustrating. Perseverance cannot be taught to our kids, it can only be embedding in our kids by letting them experience the process and going through the process of failing and trying new stuff but with the confidence that they can achieve their desired result. This is the most practical and fun way of teaching the perseverance to our kids through coding.

coding teaches creativity to kids

Coding Enhances Creativity

As a parents we want our kids to be creative and coding is one of the best way of enhancing the creativity of the kids. Imagine your kids have to make website or android app, while making website your kid has to think about the look and feel of the website, your kid has to think about the user experience of the website and much more. Such type of activities where your kids have to think out-of-the-box and let their imagination grow, are the best activities to enhance the creativity of your kids and coding offers such realistic and fun activities for your kids. 

About Us

EDVON is the unique online 1:1 live coding, robotics and mathematics program based on STEAM philosophy that will help your kids to be successful in future, by teaching them highly demanding 21st century technical and soft skills.